Incinerating The Infidels

mixing/mastering proposal

Thank you for contacting TsunTsun Productions!

Part 1. Ways to a record that engages new fans in organic way. Why work with TsunTsun?

Taste. Tasteful sounds\elements that work as hooks and position the record in a good way. That helps to stick out the overal genre.

Engagement. Slam must slam no matter what. There's nothing better than all parts working as one, punching the listeners right in the chest. 

Speed. We work fast, trying to preserve the creative momentum. Initial mix is done in 1 to 3 days.

Part 2. Investment and conditions.

I make a test mix before payment.


Then we will finalize the sound for one song.


Then I dive into the rest of the songs and send you all of them in one big .mp3 file. 


Three revision rounds are included in the price.


After revisions are done, I deliver final .wav files.





Discount for a

one man band


Need to hear the material first, but usually around 15$ per song

$ 150 per song

Free with mixing



$  350$

That's it! Let me know if you have any questions!